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Scott & Scott Law, LLC

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Fairhope, Alabama

Practice Areas

Business Formation – Businesses can take various forms: sole proprietorship, partnership, limited liability company, S corporation, C corporation and professional corporation. Each serves a different purpose and has benefits and liabilities. We assist clients in choosing and forming the business entity that is best for the client.

Business Law – There are many laws addressing how business is to be conducted. In Alabama the Uniform Commercial Code, the Alabama Code and common law all have an effect on how a business forms contracts, enforces contracts and otherwise conducts its operations.

Business Litigation – Those conducting business do not always play by the rules or keep the promises they’ve made. We assist our clients in enforcing the agreements they’ve entered into and defending them when they are sued. Our experience includes jury and non-jury trials.

Business Governance – Business owners are required to interact in a manner that advances the best interests of the business. To advance the interests of a business, the owners are supposed to follow certain rules in dealing with each other. We assist business owners in their interaction with each other.

Family Law –  Expertise in dealing with those whose marital relationships are not succeeding is not just legal. A Family Law attorney understands the emotional distress involved in a divorce. And a child custody dispute The dissolution of a marriage is complicated. It is emotional and time consuming. Divorce is a process that takes time and requires compliance with numerous areas of the law. Tax consequences, spouse abuse, the rights of children, substance abuse, real estate and commercial law are all factors that must be addresses in a divorce.

Probate –  The attorneys in Scott & Scott Law believe a will can alleviate many of the heart breaks involved in the death of those we care about. While the firm does not engage in full-blown estate planning, it does provide services such as writing wills, appearing in probate court to represent  the personal representatives of estates in managing assets and in litigation.

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